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Apps and services

There is many services and apps that you can use with your Shapelink Fitness Journal. Some will let you show your information on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and others let you import data from equipment and mobile apps. Read more below about the services availible.


Shapelink for you smartphone!

Shapelink is now available in your Iphone or Andoroid phone! In the first beta version you can register workouts and notations in your diary, follow your friends progress, see the status of your goals and challenges.

Please note that this is a first beta version of the application, there will be a lot of changes and updates in the near future.

App_store Android app on Google Play

Facebook Show your results on Facebook

Add our Facebook app and show your workouts and other information to your friends on facebook. Shows workout duration, speed, kcal and activity.

Twitter Show your workouts on Twitter

Let your followers on Twitter see your workouts.

Runkeeper_40px Connect to your RunKeeper account

Runkeeper_phone Connect to and get your workouts imported directly from the RunKeeper app to your calendar here at

Healthgraph_30px Connect to Health Graph


Connect to Health Graph and import and export information between Health Graph and your Shapelink fitness journal. Login at to see what apps and other services you can connect to.

HelpRead more about Health Graph here

Garmin_40px Import directly from a Garmin device

Garmin_watch Import data from your Garmin device with our import tool. With this tool you will get all information from your device including maps, cordinates, pulse, altitude etc.

Nikeplus_40px Import your workouts directly from Nike+

Nikeplus_watch Keep track of your workouts with the Nike Iphone app or their own Nike Sportswatch GPS and import the workouts automatically to your fitness journal here at

Wordpress Wordpress, your own website or other blog

Widget You can easily show your workouts from your calendar on your own website or blog. You will get a code snippet that you can paste on your site and you will get an automatically updated summary of your latest workouts. Nice and simple.