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Diario de Entrenamiento y nutrición


Shapelink will give you fun and usefull information about your workout and nutrition. It doesn't matter if you are preparing for the Iron Man or just want to loose som weight - Shapelink will work for all. You can customize your fitness journal with the workouts and fitness level right for you.

Weight Lifting

See what muscle groups and exercises you use the most. Lifted weights, best sets, graphs over heviest lifts, body measuers and much more.

Cardio Workouts

Measure the distance on a map or import directly from gps watches. Get information about speed, phase, calories, Borgs scale, distances and pulse values. You can also create and save tracks to compare speed, total and part times to see your developement on that track.

Group Training

Keep track of your group workouts like Spinning and Power Yoga to see your calorie burn, pulse and average workout time etc.

Cardio Gym

Keep track of resistance levels, distance, calorie burn and pulse values etc. even when you do you cardio indoors. Add or compare your results with you outdoor workouts.


Add other activities like basketball, hockey or football to keep track of pulse, calories, workout time and frequency.


You will also get access to a full nutrition diary where you can add your meals to keep track of calories, energy and nutrition. Combine this with your workout diary and you will get a powerfull tool to help you and keep you motivated.

You can also set up goals, add equipment, create templates, create routines and much much more.


We offer a number of standard statistics modules that show you information about your workouts and health. You can also create your own graphs to save for easy access later. Compare time, distance, workouts, lifted weight, weight changes, pulse values, daily form and much more to see how it changes over time.

Amigos de entrenamiento

View top lists over your friends and their workout results and challenge them. Twiik will keep track of the rules and the workouts and will list the results and winners automatically. You can also send messages and comment your friends workouts. Find groups with special interests where you can hang out and get advice or just chat. By connecting your diary to Facebook and Twitter you can easily share your progress and workouts to other friends in your social network.