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Community Wellness Program

The Community Wellness Program seeks to promote wellness and encourage a healthy lifestyle throughout the population in Southeast Idaho.

Category Other   User3316 members

Everything Yoga

This group is for anyone who practices yoga or wants to start practice. Please join the conversation!

Category Weight Lifting   User384 members

Motivating the Unmotivated

It is so hard to stay motivated unless we have a support group.

Category Cardio   User366 members

Everything Walking

This forum discusses everything walking...nordic, race and just plain old-fashioned walking. If you're a walker please join the conversation.

Category Cardio   User364 members


Lund University Physiotherapy students

Category Other   User362 members

O'Dark Thirty 2016 Challenge

Virtual Running Group Training Log

Category Other Sports   User353 members

93 Rapids

This is the group for the 93 New River Rapids. The New River Rapids are located in the south west part of Virginia, US

Category Other   User341 members

Running UK

General chat, help and suggestions for everything about running from the slowest jog to what the people who pass me do . . .

Category Cardio   User337 members

Lillån DAM

Lillån IBK DAM

Category Cardio   User315 members


Students in PE or OCR Class

Category Weight Lifting   User312 members

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