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- Tacx on Vista 64

Tacx T1940 works on Vista 32, but not on Vista 64. The software in it self works, but for some reason the blue interface cannot be detected during installation. It shouldn't be difficult for the programmers to solve this, but when I contacted Tacx and asked them if they will patch this in the near future, the answer was no.

I was almost giving up and about to sell my Tacx, when a friend came by and solved my Vista 64 problem. I hope it will work fairly OK for all you unfortunate cyclists out there in Zyberspace with a Taxc T1940 connected to a Vista 64:

1) First my friend installed VMware Workstation 6.5 beta (Tacx run with DirectX9 wich older versions of VMware doesn't support).

2) Then he installed Windows XP in Virtual Machine (using VMware).

3) To enabling Accelerated 3-D for the Virtual Machine (XP), he added the following two lines to the configuration (.vmx) file for the Virtual Machine (XP): "mks.enable3d = TRUE" and "svga.vramSize = 67108864"

4) Finaly he installed the Tacx softwere in the Virtual Machine (XP) and updated all drivers. (DON'T plug in the blue interface until the program asks for it).

5) Then I started Tacx in the Virtual Machine (XP). The Catalyst works fine, but for some reason the cyclist won't start all the time in Virtual Reality. For me Virtual Reality only works with resolution 800x600 and no shadows.  


(Annouter way to fix this problem is to make a multiboot with both Vista64 and XP, but that's quite tricky to fix if you have installed Vista64 first.)

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